Places where we have been banned

During our fact-checks we take no partisan stance, however, our own commentary on our posts is typically sent with a disclosure and might not be so non-partisan. We seek only the truth and investigate criticisms and are open to hearing new evidence and look for credible alternatives to back that up in the case of known unreliable sources. However, not all pages take kindly to hearing something that disagrees them and will go to the second most extreme action by banning us from the page. We will not reciprocate a ban for a ban so those pages are welcome to message us or comment on our page so long as they do not troll as specified in the commentator guidelines note.

These pages also ban us at their peril. If the evidence backs up a page, even where we disagree with it politically we will back up that statement with facts. So here are the pages we have been banned from.

  1. Enemies of Liberalism (Four times!)
  2. Liberals are Hypocrites (Formerly three times before its unpublishing)
  3. 1,000,000 Supporting Traditional Marriage
  4. Anti-gay marriage
  5. Extremely Pissed off RIGHT Wingers 2
  6. Annoy a Liberal, Use Facts and Logic
  7. The Libtard Show
  8. Occupy Libtards (Now known as Occupy Libtardis) We’re able to comment again? Page appears to have been re-published a fourth fifth time
  9. Senior Airman Brian Kolfage
    1. One of his pages was removed, but he’s back and so are we.
  10. Wounded American Warrior
  11. Unbridled Truth Cannot be Silenced
    1. They posted a meme saying that Libya was peaceful from 1986-2011 because of actions taken by President Reagan and we dared show proof that was not true.
  12. Christian Constitutional Conservative
    They posted an article showing an industrial accident involving a wind turbine and implied that it’s most dangerous without also providing the context of coal, oil and gas. We pointed out that Wind is not the most dangerous form of energy.
  13. Rise up and Reclaim America
    They posted Rand Paul holding a Double Gulp and said it had liberal tears. We pointed out liberal voters didn’t agree with the soda ban.
    They then got themselves deleted sometime later
  14. Liberal Logic 101
    We pointed out that Pro-Life Counselors do not provide “more options” than abortion clinics… at least not Planned Parenthood.
  15. LiberalLogic101 Idiots get banned
  16. Milkshakes Against the Republican Party
    We’re scratching our heads on this one. We’ve never actually done a fact check, nor have featured them on our page. We have made some comments, but we’re not sure how we offended them. When we asked why the ban with the Anti-Myth Axe we were banned again without them saying anything
  17. Barrack Obama’s Dead Fly
    We pointed out that 92 million people are not unemployed, but instead of countering with evidence or opinion they just decided to ban us