Commenting Guidelines

Rules subject to change as we get around to finishing them, corecting speling erorrs, new situations arise or if Bigfoot is found.

1. No Trolling: A troll is someone who posts an inflammatory or off-topic message AND meeting two of the following

a. The comment contains little to no factual information

b. There is little learning experience from the post

c. Possibly disrupts communication between commentators

d. Could be harassing in nature

2. Foul Language OK

a. Saying “Fuck yea” in response to a post is OK

b. 1 or 2 “fuck you” might be in order in response to some people

c. EXCEPT: Saying that I’m going to “fuck your cunt up with my cock at your house on 505 SIMS ST, 87901 whether you like it or not” violates rule 5 twice.

3. Do not reveal personal information of Editors

a. Many of our business associates are left and right wingnuts who would refuse to do businesses with any politically outspoken person who doesn’t agree with them

b. I like my 575 number, don’t make me get another one

4. This is not Facebook!

a. Insults against protected classes such as gays, racial majorities and minorities, gender-based, and ethnic slurs are welcome, but may expose your own ignorance
b. Although sexually vulgar language is allowed pornography is not
c. You may use a pseudonym so long as you do not violate rule 5

5. Do not break US law or involve this website in activities which could expose us to legal liability

a. Do not threaten anyone

b. Avoid posting anything suggesting you may harm yourself or take risky drugs

c. Avoid slurs based on Protected classes

d. Do not post anything graphic

e. Post no Pornography: this website does not have a 18 U.S.C. 2257/C.F.R. 75 notice and cannot maintain records of models. HOWEVER links to pornography may be accepted provided they are contextual to your comment

f. Do not impersonate someone else, pseudonyms must be fictional

g. Do not post anyone else’s photos (fair use OK)