Author, Editor and Contributor Guidelines

These guidelines apply to Anti-Myth Machine Editors and any Anti-Myth Machne Official. People in the comment section are not required to follow them. Rules subject to change as they are incomplete, speling and grammar and structure errors are discoverated, and new situations will arise.

1. Profanity is to be avoided when commenting on other pages, except as follows
a. References to pages with profanity (I Fucking love science)
b. When the post being responded to also contains profanity
c. When a quote relevant to the comment contains profanity
d. Occasionally Editors should re-inspect pages to see if comments have been commented on
e. When providing a counter-response to a response with profanity
f. Original Reports (aka not commenting on other pages) need not follow this rule

2. Personal names and pages may not be disclosed, except as follows
a. The Person is a Public Figure
b. The Person uses their own name in their comments
c. The Person is a known troll (As defined in the commentator guidelines)
d. The Person is highly active on the Anti-Myth Machine Page
e. The Name is a Fake or Obvious Fake (Tony Stark, Flip Spiceland)
3. When referring to a former or current US President the title president should be included, except as follows
a. Multiple presidents are being referenced in a sentence
b. Use of the title would seem repetitive or “wordy”
4. Posts on the Anti-Myth Machine’s own page must be true and factual and Nature, except as follows
a. The post is a share or does not contain original content
b. Opinion posts are allowed but should be avoided
c. Opinion posts are not required to cite references
d. Appearance of Partisanship Allowed: Where one party’s platform is not factual (i.e. Republican Party platform that Climate Change does not exist)
5. References should be cited on every post
a. Multiple references should be included so no one reference can invalidate the post
b. Wikipedia itself should not be sourced, however, its sources can be cited
c. Opinion Comments or orignal posts need no source