Cenk Uygur falsely states that one cannot have US and Canadian Citizenship

During the live coverage on Tuesday March 22, 2016 of the Elections, The Young Turk’s Cenk Uygur said that one “cannot be a US and Canadian citizen at the same time.


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Microsoft Edge Voted “Best Browser to Download Chrome”


Besting both Internet Explorer 11 and Safari comes a uprising upset for new users of the Windows 10 Operating system. Microsoft Edge has won the award for most used browser by New Windows 10 home users to download Google Chrome.

New users appreciated the simplicity the browser brought to the experience. Some users did report struggles with using the search engine Bing to find the download website.

Previously the award went to Internet Explorer 10 which came with Windows 8 operating systems.

When reached for comment, officials at Microsoft pretended that both Internet Explorer and Bing were the best browser and search engine, but could not keep a straight face.



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Heinz Ketchup still alive and being sold in Israel

We saw Trump Wall post something from Conservative Constitutionalists about Heinz Ketchup.


There is some truth to this artcle, as the Times of Israel reported:

In a warning letter to the country’s supermarkets this week, Osem claimed that a lab test it conducted showed that the Heinz ketchup distributed in Israel contains only about 20% tomato concentrate, much less than the 61% minimum required by Israeli regulations.
That’s not all. Osem claimed that Heinz’s 907-gram (32-ounce) bottles are labeled as containing 39% tomato concentrate but were found in lab tests to contain just 17% … [which Osem claimed] meets standards in the U.S. and Europe but not in Israel, which requires ketchup to contain at least 10% tomato solids. Osem says tomato concentrate must make up at least 35% of the product to reach that level.

This did not prompt a ban from Israeli health officials. Heinz was prompted by the Israeli government to re-label themselves as “tomato seasoning.”


We have advised Trump wall of this error.


2016 in memorium, Celebrities we’re going to lose in 2016

Last year the Anti-Myth Machine only correctly predicted one celebrity’s death out of 10.  Let us know your picks too.Because of Operator TORC’s busy schedule, Operator Blue Diamond will be making predictions this year.  So which one of these celebrities will we lose this year, or will it be more than one? Returning Champions are in blue. Correct guesses will be in green.

1. President George Bush Senior, 8-9 points

2. Fidel Castro,  10-11 points

3. Joost van der Westhuizen, 55-56 points

4. Suge Knight, 49-50 points

5. Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, 6-7 points

6. Angelina Jolie, 59-60 points

7. Daniel Radcliffe, July 23, 1989 73-74 points

8. Chuck Berry, October 18, 1926 10-11 points

9. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, July 28, 1971 55-56 points

10. Scott Stapp, August 8, 1973 57-58 points

SFC Cunningham thinks the military isn’t as appreciated as the minimum wage worker

Operator TORC: Before I go off on the Sergeant let me share a personal story. I used to be a civilian contractor and have spoken with, counseled and helped many soldiers through difficult times. I’ve seen soldiers at their worst and I have seen them overcome both personal and professional adversity. For the geeks, I was Boothby from the Star Trek academy: Not a soldier, but respected by many soldiers, except I worked in the Commissary, not the garden. The respect soldiers had in me was reciprocated at least two times over. I’ve come to revere soldiers and I even jokingly said I begrudgingly accept the other services even though I actually had a similar level of respect. I learned that even heroes have heroes.  Sergeant First Class (SFC) Cunningham respects your average Specialist when your average specialist respects the Special Forces.

Despite what appears to be an ideological disagreement we would welcome our readers to like his page, even if he decides to disparage us, particularly if their are 17-35 and within his recruiting region.

The military makes more than minimum wage. They deserve to, they work longer hours and in every case sacrifice their own freedom, while some sacrifice much more. Without further ado, here’s a statement from SFC


Since some people want to complain about their $8.75/ hour, here’s a military E-4 (specialist) pay stub for the month. $2122.80 for one month of service (base pay). Disregard the other amounts, because the majority of e-4’s don’t get paid them. Subtract the deductions (which EVERYONE pays no matter where you work, we just have the privelege of paying out the ass) and you get 1709.19. Divide this amnt by 4 to get one week’s pay, you get 427.30. We get up and do PT starting at 6:30 a.m. and we’re on the clock until 5:00 p.m. do the math, that’s 10.5 hours. 10.5 x 5 = 52.5. Divide the amount after deductions and you get $8.139.. $8.14 an hour, and you never see any soldier petitioning to increase our pay. Of course, that’s the amount after deductions so that’s not truly our hourly wage but that’s what we SEE out of it. When was the last time Sally McBurgerflipper slept in a field for a month at a time? Deployed to a combat zone? Laid his/her life down simply for the freedom of millions of men and women he/she had never met? Our NORMAL duty day is more than full time, not including the times we work until 9, 10 at night or go to the field for a month at a time or deploy for a year at a time. I can honestly say, these men and women I have had the privelege to serve beside for these past few years are among the most humble group of employees I’ve ever met. And for that… I will FOREVER be a proud veteran of the world’s finest Military.

Many civilians bring absolutely no skills to the table before becoming soldiers. The average take home pay for a minimum wage worker making the federal $7.25 minimum wage (yes CA and some states are greater) is 1071.20 which is far less than what a Specialist would earn. If you are single and have no kids then the military provides: base housing, a meal allowance to cover the DFAC and college Tuition if you want to take a class or two if you actually have an attention span. Civilians also don’t get: sick time, vacation time, “passes” or their medical expenses paid. Yes there are struggles and even soldiers who never see combat arguably work harder than “Sally McBurgerFlipper” but to say the military is unappreciated would be inaccurate.

Someone here also said that government healthcare is a joke, however even government healthcare is better than none. On top of this many minimum wage workers would love to work overtime, but their employers won’t allow it, or can find a second job. I love our soldiers, but we don’t need to put minimum wage workers down to bring soldiers up.


The Highly Misleading “Fund Planned Parenthood” Video

Operator TORC is back to write another article, and happiness is not Operator TORC’s emotion right now. There’s an Anti-Planned Parenthood video that makes dubious claims that I saw on a friend’s timeline. The video likes to throw out words, like facts and truth when in reality it uses very little of them, in a 1920s radio voice for some reason.

Don’t have 3 minutes 37 seconds? We’ll take it on claim by claim.

My tax dollars

They go to the organization for the other services and administrative costs, but not to pay for abortions themselves because it’s illegal. Planned Parenthood isn’t alone either, should every hospital in the country that also performs abortions also not receive any federal funding?

Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide mamograms

This is true, but they also don’t claim to provide them. While in the 2008 Presidential Election President Obama said that, “women rely on planned parenthood to provide mammograms”, Planned Parenthood did not make this claim. While they provide breast exams and pap smears they do not claim to provide mammograms directly. Not that they can’t help or aren’t a good first stop since they help women find doctors or grants to pay for mammography service for low-income women.

Margaret Sanger said that blacks and jews are a “menace to the race.”

Completely Dubious, That quote comes from the 1933 Birth Control Review where Margaret Sanger is neither credited nor attributed in the publication.

In1992 book author John George wrote in the book American Extremists: Militias, Supremacists, Klansmen, Communists & Others that the quote was “evidently concocted in the late 1980s for the purpose of trying to make the early birth control advocate seem a racist and anti-Semite” and that “this fabrication has been kept in circulation by antiabortion and anti-birth control groups.”

Planned Parenthood aborts black babies at a higher rate than other races for a reason other than economic circumstance

There is one and only 1 reason Planned Parenthood ever performs any abortion: the would-be mother requested it. It actually is that simple, there is no evidence of planned parenthood going out into poor neighborhoods, kidnaping black mothers and performing abortions on them against their will. They can only abort on those who walk through the door voluntarily. That’s also not even the end of the story, abortions are not always provided free of charge. While you could argue that a woman could potentially come in for prenatal care and Planned Parenthood convince the mother into abortion instead.

This situation can easily be conflated with the #BlackLivesMatter movement because of the same economic circumstance argument
Except for that “voluntary” part. A woman must sign several documents, pay money or prove financial hardship in order to get an abortion. There is every indicator even up to the physician stating, “are you ready to go through with this?”, that the Woman can stop at anytime and is clearly making a voluntary choice.

A black person does not usually get that clear of a choice when a cop decides what level of force. As a matter of fact it is the uncertainty and lack of clarity of communication that gets black persons killed, it’s difficult to argue that each person wanted to die that day.

Planned Parenthood’s doctors abort black babies at a higher rate than whites due to something other than economic circumstances

This is a repeat of an earlier claim. Their Doctors abort only because the mother requested it. You should ask yourselves why more black mothers want to abort than why Planned Parenthood allows it to happen since without planned parenthood abortion, they would simply go to other facilities or break out the coat hanger.

Planned Parenthood keeps the 3% number low by providing unnecessary services in addition to the abortion itself

At 320k abortions per year at their lowest price of $320, Planned Parenthood generated over $96 million a year from their abortion services. It almost proves they don’t need taxpayer money to fund abortions. As a matter-of-fact were abortion illegal planned Parenthood would still exist. As a matter-of-fact the video itself points out they make money from this, indicating further the tax money doesn’t pay for abortions.

As we discussed before in thousands Planned Parenthood Provided 4,009 contraceptives, 3,955 STD treatments, 1,830 Cancer Screenings, 332 Abortions and 76 other services for a total of 11,383 Services (REF 5). So if you type those numbers into Google 332/(4009+3955+1830+1178+332+76) you will get a number that rounds up to 3%.

Even if you were to manipulate the numbers to say that they duplicated services by providing 3 other services


 you would still wind up with a number less than 4 percent.

The Sting Videos, The full videos available online

We covered this one before. The videos were not, “cut down for length” because cutting down for length does not typically change the character of the video or the conclusion the audience draws. Even in the so-called unedited videos Planned Parenthood representatives state that this is not a profit venture for the organization.

Even among the so-called, “unedited videos”, investigators found evidence of editing in those too. The camera wasn’t lying, by the way the editor was.

The James O’Keefe Videos

If only Planned Parenthood immediately fired the person shown in the videos. Also those videos? Highly edited too, the organization that showed them made the full versions available which tell a different tale there too.

Silent Majority, Being Libtarded disregard President Obama’s deficit reduction and President Bush’s increasing of it

Silent Majority CADOF Obama presided over 5 of the 6 largest budget deficits the U.S. Government has ever had, according to the U.S. Treasury data. Barack Obama has reduced his deficit from their record highs! The federal government's 2015 budget deficit will fall this yeat to $468 billion CLOSE to Bush's 208 deficit of $454.798 billion, according to the annual budget outlok released by the CBO. Obama has nearly DOUBLED the national debt to over $18 TRILLION!


It is ironic that Being Liberated would accuse Conservatives are Destroying Are Future of ignoring the whole truth when they themselves do the very same thing. Ironically they detailed a trend covering 6 years of fiscal policy. Using 2009 is a terrible starting point since while President Obama signed it into law, he took very little part in negotiating it. Every year during the President’s tenure the trend goes down and down, mostly due to the improved economy. Can the same be said for President Bush? No.

2001 the deficit started at 32 billion, but you can go ahead and blame President Clinton and his Republican congress for that one. Had President Bush reduced this I would agree that he was the fiscal budget hound President Obama is expected to be. In billions the deficits were: 317 for 2002, 538 in 2003, 567 for 2004, 493 for 2005, 434 for 2006, 342 for 2007 and 641 for 2008.

In short despite a $196 billion reduction in the deficit President Bush left office at minimum making the deficit 20 times worse than when he took office. However President Obama had little control over the 2009 budget meaning President Bush left us with a deficit 48 times what he entered office with.

  1. https://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/omb/budget/fy2016/assets/hist01z1.xls

Oregon Umpqua College Campus was not a Gun Free zone

Every time there’s a shooting it feels as though the same talking points come out. While it’s easy to say that some one the fringe will take some elements of the story to prove that this is an example of President Obama’s war on christianity, most prefer to trot out the older more, tired talking points.

Both the Comical Conservative and Breitbart claimed that the Umpqua Campus was a gun free zone. They based this on the student handbook which bans guns, but did not look into the full scope of the situation. Oregon state law overrides any policy of the College and state law forbids the banning of guns by colleges to any conceal carry person, except to certain buildings. That is to say: guns are not completely banned from campus, thus not being a gun-free zone.

Breitbart actually went as far as to accuse ThinkProgress of an “attack” and having no facts when they themselves were the ones devoid of them. While the Anti-Myth Machine has found itself at fault for getting the amount of Solyndra funding wrong, we also generate a fraction of a decimal point of Breitbart’s budget.

Obama we need more gun control yes, let's just disarm more people, becuase the shooting was already on a gun-free zone gun control always works, just look at chicago

New Chip Credit Cards coming out are not necessarily wireless, Theft not as likely

There’s some misunderstandings coming about the new system of Credit Card coming through. Having been to other countries that do make use of them and having had help to install them for many small businesses I can tell you a lot about them. However there is one thing for certain, the new Chip everyone is seeing is called an EMV Chip. It is not wireless unless you see this symbol on your credit card

Waves mean wireless
Waves mean wireless

The EMV Chip is the new chip in town and other countries have had them for years. While almost all banks side-equip their cards with the old fashioned magnetic swipe the new chip is an insert mechanism. It lacks one characteristic feature: it’s not wireless.

There is a big scare out there that the new credit cards have to be in a metal case or wrapped in aluminum foil to be protected from Identity Thieves, this is not true. The new EMV chip is not wireless and requires metal on metal contact to be powered on and for the card to function. They cannot be scanned from a distance, even a very short distance like 1 inch. Even then this is not a common method criminals use like skimming or hacking into databases.

This is not to say that the New EMV system is completely secure, it has many security problems. However, EMV doesn’t have to be perfect it just has to be better than the magnetic system. They also do nothing to protect against “card not present” fraud, where a scammer steals the numbers on the card



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